Come on lads - lighten up online!

Have you ever noticed that almost anything to do with dieting is aimed at women? Why is that? It's estimated that almost 22% of men and 25% of women in the UK are obese, so surely weight loss plans should be aimed equally at males and females, not just the latter.

You would think so. But traditionally, counting calories, eating ‘rabbit food’, going to weekly slimming clubs and the phrase “does my bum look big in this?” have been associated with the ladies. The men have been quite happy to be left behind in the pub with a packet of crisps and a pint of beer. Or have they?

What do you reckon lads?

Are you sick of the lager lout, couch potato image that you’ve all been landed with. There’s a whole lot more to the modern man than lounging in front of the TV all evening with a can of beer in one hand and a microwaveable Cornish pastie in the other.
In fact there’s a whole army of you out there jogging, going to the gym, loading up your supermarket trolley with fruit and veg, and whipping up healthy smoothies and delicious dinners in your ultra-modern kitchens!

The secret’s out.

Us girls know you’re not the macho “I don’t care if this bacon butty is going to clog my arteries” man that you claim to be. We know that you secretly worry about your cholesterol levels and that slight paunch you’ve developed over the years. But that’s ok! We’re delighted that you want to take care of your health and reduce your risk of developing diabetes, cancer and heart disease later in life. We want to hang on to you guys for as long as we can.

Don’t worry.

We’re not going to start dragging you along to our aerobics class or the slimming club every Thursday. Now that we know you want to look after yourselves, we’re going to stop nagging and leave you to it. You know you should visit your GP fairly regularly for an MOT, and you pass the gym on your way to work everyday so we don’t need to direct you there.

And with the new revolution in online dieting, you don’t even have to leave the house to get healthy eating and weight loss advice – just click and go! Still a bit sceptical?

How about the fact that the number of men signing up to Tesco Diets in the last year has soared by 50%? So you're not alone! We now know that men are more likely to diet if they believe their health is at risk, and are more likely to choose health based plans when dieting online, such as a cholesterol-lowering diet.

And now, with the popularity of Tesco Diets "For Him" site, the lads have a site all to themselves. No girly pictures or pink fluffiness. This site tells is like it is, and will help you to reach your target weight in no time, with no messing around.

So what are the benefits of following an online weight loss plan?

  • Not only do you avoid the inconvenience and potential embarrassment involved with public weigh-ins, but scientific studies have found that internet weight loss services are as effective as traditional meetings.
    A study found that people following an internet-based weight plan achieved the same weight loss as people who continued to attend face-to-face meetings.
  • Another study found that people who had received a structured online weight loss plan achieved a 5% reduction in weight over a 6 month period. The plan included email newsletters, a discussion forum and personalised feedback from a trained therapist. The model used in this study is exactly what we offer to members.
  • In relation to support and guidance, a study found that adding email support to a basic online weight loss programme significantly improved weight loss in participants.
    People who choose a tailored plan with expert support showed significantly greater weight loss at follow-up than those assigned to the information-only plan. Participants were also more likely to report that the tailored expert system was personally relevant, helpful, and easy to understand.
So now you’ve no excuse for not eating healthy and losing those few extra pounds. And the lads need never find out! Check out the new Tesco Diets For Him site!

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