Delhi belly: how to leave traveller's diarrhoea behind

How can I avoid Delhi belly?

The best way to avoid catching infective bugs is to remove their routes of transmission. By observing strict hand hygiene, avoiding leaf vegetables, uncooked meat and peeled fruit you can avoid common routes of infection.

Drinking only bottled or boiled water, using purification tablets and avoiding ice (usually frozen common water), blocks off other routes of entry. Carrying a 'just in case' pack of antibiotics may be of use in high-risk areas.

The use of prophylactic antibiotics is not routinely advised due to the usually mild nature of disease and risk of side effects. These drugs are only recommended in the very old, very young, immunocompromised or those with structural bowel disease. In rare cases where health is critical, drugs may be prescribed for a short time.

Read on to find out the symptoms of Delhi belly.


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