Exercise before breakfast leads to more weight loss

People who wish to lose weight might find the following piece of information useful - a team of researchers from Glasgow University has found that exercise is more effective when it is done before breakfast.

According to the study, published in the British Journal of Nutrition, the time when exercise takes place affects the rate at which fat is burned over the day and can also influence metabolism, so that the body gets used to burning more fat. For a maximum effect in weight loss and maintaining low fat level in the body, people should engage in physical activity before the first meal of the day.

For their research, academics from Glasgow University tested a group of ten overweight men who did not exercise regularly prior to the experiment. The respondents were put through three stages of the test, each several weeks apart from the rest and each one involving physical activity at a different time before and after meals. Results pointed to increased rates of body fat burning on an empty stomach, because then the body is forced to rely on its own stores of fat to fuel the exercise.

Commenting on the findings, Dr Jason Gill of the Glasgow University Institute of Cardiovascular and Medical Sciences, said that despite the study findings, people should remember that the most important thing is to exercise, regardless of when physical activity takes place.


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