Fireworks guide: how to stay safe this Bonfire Night

What to do in an emergency

  • Cool any burns immediately with cold (running) water for at least 10 minutes
  • Don't touch the burn or burst any blisters
  • Don't pull off material that may be sticking to the burn
  • Cover the burn with clean, non-fluffy material. Clingfilm is ideal, but don't wrap right round it tightly
  • If someone's clothing catches on fire, get them to stop and drop to the ground and roll them in any heavy material and dial 999
  • Get medical advice for any burn larger than a postage stamp on a child or if the burn involves a child's face, hands, feet, joints or genitals
  • In adults, seek medical for any deep burns (causing white or charred skin) or any burns larger than the palm of a hand, for any burns on the face, arms, legs, hands, feet or genitals that cause blistering or any electrical burns.
  • Seek urgent medical help if the person appears pale, clammy, or shocked or if burns or an accident results in soot round the mouth or singeing of nasal hair because it could have affected their airway.

Above all, have fun, keep your pets safe inside and wrap up warm!


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