Halloween costume ideas: beware wearing fake contact lenses

Partygoers seeking dress up for Halloween celebrations are being warned not to buy or wear fake coloured contact lenses, due to the potential dangers they pose to the wearer's eye health and vision

According to US health officials, these spooky lenses - which are illegal under federal law but are commonly sold at retail outlets or online - can cause eye infectionsconjunctivitis and impaired vision.

Contact lenses are classified to be medical devices in the US. The FDA advises instead asking a doctor or an optician for a prescription for decorative lenses rather than buying them over the counter or online, making sure a proper eye exam is given to ensure they fit correctly.

Similar health concerns about the use of these lenses are being raised in Jersey, where it's reported that at least three people have suffered eye problems after using them last year.

In the UK, contact lenses should also only be given out via a prescription.

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