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Created in the US, this website now allows UK runners to search for established jogging routes and devise their own. Simply type in your postcode and start plotting your course using the online map.

Matchmaking marathoners can also find their perfect running partner by browsing user profiles detailing people's interests, speed records and even favourite running surfaces.

This award-winning website urging teens to 'Check it before you wreck it' has received well over a million hits since its launch, and provides non-patronising health information on drugs, sex and weight issues.

There is an Emergency Room for panic-stricken teenagers, a free email advice service and a daily diary from Pete Payne, a typical adolescent going through puberty, hangovers and exam stress. Much more reliable than the traditional diagnosis in the school cloakroom, this website is like the knowledgeable big sister you wish you'd had as a teen.

Quackwatch is one man's mission to expose faddish and fraudulent health websites and products. Founded by a Pennsylvanian psychiatrist, Quackwatch highlights questionable medicines, uncovers health myths and recommends trustworthy websites.

The site is not intended to be comical, but with articles on 'Massage therapy: riddled with quackery' and '10 ways to avoid being quacked', you cannot help a gentle chuckle. Nonetheless, given the increasing popularity of self-diagnosis websites, the links to reliable health websites could prove quite useful.

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