Healthy depression treatments (that don't include meds or drugs)

Take baby steps towards a healthier body and mind

Some people report benefits from changing their lifestyle. Self-destructive behaviours like smoking, alcohol or drug use, and comfort eating of processed foods high in fat and sugar often accompany depressive moods.

If you feel better in your body, it could provide you with the energy to deal with your mind. If you were to go and drink a glass of water right now, you would do yourself some good. So it's relatively easy to take that one small positive step in the right direction. See where it leads.

To relieve symptoms of depression, you always need to be moving forward, no matter how small a step. The aim is to get to a place where you can address your problem. Dealing with it will likely involve making changes, and you can't make changes if you stand still. Take baby steps, but they need to be forward steps.


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