Helen Pidd on Rocket Shower, the 'shower in a bottle'

Of all the excuses for not cycling to work, a lack of showers is perhaps the most rational. No one wants to tramp into the office looking as if they've had a sauna with their clothes on. But now a Texan firm has come up with a solution; a "shower in a bottle" that promises to get even the sweatiest commuter clean with no need for running water.

But is it what the xenophobic might call a "French shower"? An expensive version of dousing yourself with Lynx instead of having a wash? Or spraying your clothes with Febreze?

To test Rocket Shower, I slipped into a toilet cubicle after cycling on a hot day. Feeling slightly weird, I took off my dirty clothes, sprayed myself all over with Rocket Shower, waited a few seconds and then dryed off with the technical handtowel in the "jet pack" (£19.99 from Fitsense.co.uk). It contains witch hazel to cleanse, alcohol to help sweat evaporate and kill bacteria, peppermint to cool the skin and grapefruit oil - to stop you smelling like an alcoholic.

To my surprise it worked rather well. I felt cool, dry and confident enough to head to a packed leaving do where no one seemed to wrinkle their nose in disgust.

Result - the only downer is that now you'll need a new excuse for getting the bus.

How do you cope in a workplace with no showers? Share your tips below.

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