How can you tell if your drink was spiked?

What drugs are likely to be in my system?

The most common drug used to spike someone's drink is alcohol, which is used far more often than drugs in powder or pill form because ethanol lacks colour and flavour.

It's easily added to alcoholic and soft drinks, strengthening their potency without any noticeable taste difference. And it doesn't leave any signs, like a powdery residue at the bottom of your glass.

The media have focused on GHB (liquid ecstasy), tranquillisers like Valium (diazepam) and Rohypnol, and powerful anaesthetics like ketamine in their coverage of 'date-rape drugs', but it's more likely that your drink will be spiked with something that's much more common. Many over-the-counter medicines and prescription drugs can severely alter a victim's state of awareness, especially when mixed with alcohol, and are much easier to obtain.[1]

Be aware that:

  • You may experience the adverse effects of a drug over the course of only one drink
  • Your physiological makeup (size, weight, mental health) determines how your body reacts to different drugs resulting in an entirely different experience from someone else.


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