How to divorce-proof your health

6 be-good-to-yourself tips

1. Don't try to cope alone

Divorce is known to cause depression. If you find your mind whirling with negative thoughts, don't soldier on alone. There's truth in the saying 'a problem shared is a problem halved' but if you don't feel able to share your feelings with a relative or friend, ask your GP for advice on counselling or contact Relate, an organisation providing support for all types of relationship issues, including separation and divorce.

2. Exercise to boost your mood

Along with reducing your risk of major diseases, experts say that exercise is the perfect tool for surviving a personal crisis. Exercise releases so-called 'happiness hormones' - serotonin and endorphins - which can reduce your feelings of pain and give you a sense of euphoria. Just getting out for a walk in the fresh air can take your mind off things. If you join a new exercise class, you may even meet new friends.

3. Don't fall into the comfort eating trap

While mainlining doughnuts might give you a temporary sugar high, emotional eating doesn't fix emotional issues. Losing control of a previously healthy diet could make you feel even worse. And of course weight gain can lead to increasing your risk of developing long-term conditions such as heart problems. If you want chocolate, opt for a small bar of dark chocolate rather than a family-sized milk chocolate bar. Try keeping a food diary so that you can pinpoint your comfort eating flashpoints.


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