How to get free prescriptions as a student

What if you're in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland?

Students from Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland

Currently there are no prescription charges for anyone living in Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland. However, if you go to university in England and move to a doctor's surgery in England, you will be charged for prescriptions under the English rules. You will need to apply for an exemption using one of the methods above.

Waiting for your certificate

While you wait for your exemption certificate to be issued you may need to pay the prescription charge when you collect medicines from the pharmacy. Don't worry, you will be able to claim this money back once your certificate arrives.

Ask the pharmacist for an 'FP57 receipt' before you leave the pharmacy. This is a special receipt issued by the pharmacy that proves you paid a prescription charge and allows you to claim the money back.

Act now to make sure you continue to be entitled to free prescriptions. Don't let money worries affect your health and spoil your experience of going it alone.


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