How to maintain a healthy back

An exercise guide to prevent or alleviate back pain

The type of activity does not matter hugely, but avoid heavy lifting or anything that appears to exacerbate any back pain symptoms.

1. Start with a small amount of gentle exercise then slowly build it up.

2. Yoga and Pilates are often beneficial as they help with flexibility and tight muscles as well as helping strengthen your core.

3. Many people find swimming is helpful as it takes the strain off the joints and muscles whilst working the whole body. Others enjoy walking or even light jogging.

4. There are also a number of exercises that you can do in your own home including:

  • Gentle stretching and practising good posture
  • Half squats
  • Cat poses
  • Pilates exercises.

5. Backcare also provide some back exercises.

If you find that any of the exercises exacerbate your back pain, try a different one or seek medical advice.

As with all back pain, if severe, is not resolving or is experienced with any other accompanying symptoms such as numbness, weakness or weight loss, please see a doctor.

Above all keeping active and healthy, with safe lifting, is the best way of protecting your back.


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