Mil Millington worries about germs

Do you know how many germs are out there? I'll tell you how many: lots. Pigging hordes of the things. In fact, there are - swarming over and nestling inside your body - between 10 and 100 times more bacteria than there are cells that form you. In numbers terms, we're mostly bugs, for God's sake - you think you're clean, but if you were truly sterile, you'd drop a dress size. And the clinging populations we're lugging around are piffling compared with what we're walking through. There's a million species - not individuals: species - of bacteria in every gram of soil, for example. That's just soil. And that's just bacteria - we haven't mentioned viruses, yeasts, etc yet.

The other day someone told me that there are more germs in your sink than in your lavatory. "What about if, you know - sometimes - you pee in your sink?" I asked, thinking that this perhaps improved the situation, or made having both a sink and a lavatory a wasteful affectation, or might at least provide a useful excuse to have available late one night. (The person didn't reply, and changed the subject. Pft. What's the point of the school even having parents' evenings, eh?) All around me, vast legions of disease lurk, poised. But the worst place to be is near a student. Anyone who works with students knows it's like Pestilence and its horse coughing in your face all day, every day. Everywhere is scary, but if I have to deal with students again, I'm demanding a hazmat suit first.

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