Mouth cancer rates rising: how to spot the early signs?

How to cut your risk

Maintain a healthy lifestyle

According to the NHS, eating a healthy, Mediterranean-style diet - including lots of vegetables - can help to prevent mouth cancer. Drinking no more than 14 units of alcohol, or preferably less, each week is also effective, as well as not smoking. It's equally as important that you have regular dental check-ups as dentists can pick up on early stages of the disease.

Know the symptoms

Persistent mouth ulcers, unexplained lumps in the mouth and neck, and looseness of teeth can all be symptoms of mouth cancer. If these symptoms don't heal within three weeks - especially if you are a smoker or drinker - a trip to the GP is recommended.

Treating the disease

Mouth cancer is usually treated using surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. If the disease is caught early, minor surgery can be used meaning the patient often has a high chance of curing the cancer for good. Because the disease affects many bodily functions, such as breathing and speaking, those undergoing treatment will also see a dietitian and dentist.




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