Nail biting: the causes and cures that can break the habit

We all either know someone who bites their nails, or used to bite them ourselves or even still do after many years. Most of us have at least one nail biting time in our lives but for some people it becomes a habit that can seem almost impossible to break, and almost always starts in childhood.

Some estimates are that over 60% of children and almost half of teenagers bite their nails, but the habit does seem to become less common as we get older.

However, it can continue into adulthood and I have many adult patients whose fingers show the evidence of their habit. Many of these are unaware they are biting their nails because it has become such a routine habit for them, and the severity I see in my surgery ranges from a mild, harmless, occasional habit to a serious problem.

Read on to find out why people bite their nails, nail biting in young children and cures worth trying.


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