Period pain: how does it affect women in work?

What's helpful advice?

There is no right answer for everyone. For some women, the best idea is to carry on working and with everyday life and wait for the symptoms to settle.

For others who are badly affected, the best idea may be to discuss things with your boss if you are able to see if they can help by being slightly more flexible. For a lot of employees however, this may not be an option. Be assured though that you are not alone if this is the case.

If you suffer from severe period pain or very heavy periods, please do see your doctor. This is especially important if these symptoms are new or are accompanied by other features such as intermenstrual bleeding (in-between periods) or pain preceding periods (this may be a sign of endometriosis).

There are a number of treatments that can be tried, and the GP may also need to do investigations to rule out other problems that can result in heavy painful periods. Do not suffer alone, period pain for some really is severe, please make sure you see your doctor.


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