How does the private and NHS dental system work?

National Smile month is drawing to a close, with raised awareness of good oral health routines. This is great, although at Toothpick we see a lot of confusion around the way the dental system works in England, primarily around costs and NHS or private options.

The first step in caring for your teeth is getting the information you need. This month in particular we want to help you understand your options as a dental patient. National Smile Month is a great reminder that we should not only look after our own teeth, but we should encourage the right behaviour in generations to come as well. Currently, dental decay is the primary reason children are admitted to A and E, and we see increasing evidence of the links between dental disease and overall health problems.

The budget for NHS dentistry in England is relatively small, meaning in some areas it can be difficult to find an NHS dentist with available appointments. Meanwhile, we see evidence of private dentistry becoming more and more affordable - check-ups are offered for as low as £25, even in London.

Also interestingly, more and more financing options are entering the market. Apart from standard insurance plans, dental discount plans are gaining in popularity. Toothpick will be launching our own discount plan this year.

Please note this article and infographic has been published in association with Toothpick.

NHS vs private infographic


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