Shorts: Berries from heaven

Oranges were over years ago. Kiwi fruit is so passé. This winter's way to get your vitamin C has got to be berries; they're even the season's colour to have on your lips. But when did you last pick blueberries? And would you know a billberry from an elderberry if it didn't say so on the packet? Well, now it doesn't matter, because a new supplement, Berry Complex, has just been launched, so you can get your berry kick without having to grub about in the undergrowth and break your nails in the process. Each capsule contains a blend of billberries, blueberries, cranberries and elderberries. The elderberries and blueberries should sort out your cold or, better still, stop you getting one in the first place; the others are credited with a whole host of properties, from slowing down Alzheimer's to improving circulation. Berry Complex, £9.99 (plus £2.95 p&p) for 60 capsules, mail order from Healthy For Life, 0871 784 8457.

Opposites attract

Hot and cold stone therapy is a confusing treatment, and definitely not for those who are easily shocked. In the middle of a traditional and supremely relaxing hot stone treatment, cold stones start to be applied - usually to the areas where you're most tense or sore, in my case the neck and shoulders. It's like alternating between applying a hot water bottle and a packet of frozen peas to a strain. Aaahh ... ouch ... aaahh ... ouch. If you have any vaguely masochistic tendencies, you'll love it. Hot and cold stone therapy, £95 for 90 minutes, from, 020-7823 6226.

Gum's the word

I'm all for taking a seemingly useless product that is actually good for you. Margarine that lowers my cholesterol? Why not? Yogurt that sorts out my digestive system? Bring it on. The main criteria: the product must work and taste nice. Mastic gum, made from the Pistacia lentiscus tree, fails that test. This 'natural chewing gum' may well kick mouth ulcers into touch, as its makers claim, but I doubt it stayed in my mouth long enough to do any good. Fish, mud and 'Old gum you've put back in your mouth' were some of the comments from others who tried it. Mastic gum, £14.99 for 25 pellets, 0871 871 9975 (

Watch this space

What does your watch do? Sure, it tells the time, and it probably looks quite nice, too. Maybe you chose it because it goes with everything. Perhaps you've even grown quite attached to it. But, come on, what does it actually do? Does it give you your heart rate? Does it tell you how many calories you've burned during a workout? Does it let you enter the number of calories you've consumed, and then work out how far you need to run that day to burn them off? It doesn't? Then what on earth are you doing letting that useless piece of junk grace your wrist? What you need is a Mio watch - such as this new Mio Shape Petite for ladies who gym; £79.99, 0115 981 0205 for stockist details.

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