The health benefits of friends

What's more important? Quantity vs quality

And when it comes to the number of friends, remember, it's not about the quantity, rather the quality. The people you choose to surround yourself with and share very personal parts of your life with, need to be friends you trust. For most of us, that circle of trust is fairly small. We may have a large group of casual friends and acquaintances, but when it comes right down to friends you can count on no matter what, less seems to be better.

For friendships to form, you need consistency. That means you need to put the effort into making and maintaining relationships. Some people may shy away from that because it sounds like a lot of work or something they just aren't comfortable with, but fortunately there is usually something that fits most people's needs when trying to make new friends.

1. Joining groups that meet on a regular basis.

2. Use your kids or pets. Arrange outings with people that are friends with your children.

3. Exercise and recreational sports clubs.

4. Get in touch with old friends (benefit of social media). Sometimes reconnecting with old friends is easier than reaching out to new friends and thanks to social media, finding old pals is a lot easier than it used to be.

5. Volunteer

6. Book clubs, networking, classes, sports leagues.

Consistency is the key here, and having a set time each week that you see the same people lends itself nicely to making friends.


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