The new black

Every season, an unlikely colour is heralded as the only thing to be seen wearing. Right now, it's green.Yes, I was as sceptical as you probably are, but green eye shadow is a lot more flattering than it sounds and a surprisingly easy colour to wear.

First, banish all thoughts of nice gentle green's. Spring may be around the corner, but anything that makes you think of leaves, grass or moss will leave you looking like an extra from Platoon. Instead, go for greens that have other colours shot threw them, namely metallic greens.

Dazzle Dust in 15 and Fine Glitter Dust in 6, by Barry M, are great examples. Both look more blue than green in their tubs but change hue once applied. The Dazzle Dust is a striking marine green that shimmers with gold, making it a beautiful copper green. And the Fine Glitter Dust is a deep turquoise with large specs of glitter. Both look fantastic on dark skin, whatever your shade or tone.

Ombre Unique Shadowlights in Siesta from Chanel, Chameleon in Mint Shimmer from Lancaster, and Colour Wash from Calvin Klein in Water Lily are a bit more subtle, but they are still very modern greens, and will make you wonder why you ignored this colour for so long.

If you don't want any shimmer at all, then try the eye lip and cheek colours from Isabella Rossellini's Manifesto in either 06 or 22, or the eye shadow and blush in 10. These compliment olive skin beautifully but are to be avoided if you are darker.

Because the eyes are so intense, go easy on the rest of your face. If you want drama, then use lashings of black mascara; if that looks too harsh against the green you've chosen, try a softer dark brown. For a contemporary look, apply the shadow in a thick line just above the lash and, if you're feeling really brave, go for a similar effect on the outside of the lower lid.

And because the eyes are so intense, lips should stay plain, so a slick of clear gloss (try Stila or Ruby & Millie) or a good lip balm (try Pout, or that old favourite Vaseline Lip Therapy) is all you'll need.

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