The new black

Given how ridiculously curly my hair is, you'd think curly eyelashes would have been a natural accompaniment. But, alas no. In fact, my lashes couldn't be any straighter. I've tried most curling mascaras on the market, but nothing really seems to work.

If it weren't for the dangerous chemical factor, I'd have my eyelashes permed. Instead, I curl them, but even then the curl doesn't seem to last very long. So when the Mister Mascara heated eyelash curler landed on my desk, I was sceptical. However, my natural curiosity soon got the better of me, and off I went to the ladies to give them a go.

The curlers look like normal eyelash curlers, but they are battery operated, heating up the moment you close them together. The heat means you end up with a more exaggerated curl than with non-heated curlers, and the effect lasts longer.

The curlers are fitted with a self-controlling thermostat, so there's no danger of melting your eyelashes. Admittedly, they are more fiddly than normal eyelash curlers, and, thermostat or not, I can't help feeling relieved after every session that my lashes are still there, but the results are great.

Once you've gone to all that effort, it's a shame just to apply boring black mascara over the top - you might as well go the whole hog and invest in some coloured ones. Now, I hasten to add that I'm not advocating digging out your azure blue, left over from the days when mismatching fluorescent socks and fingerless gloves were deemed good looks.

Instead, try some of the new, subtle, coloured mascaras. For a start, while black or brown versions may add volume, they don't exactly enhance dark eyes. Metallic blues offer the easiest route away from the more boring shades. Try Midnight from Mister Mascara - the colour tones reduce any redness and make the white of your eyes look really bright.

The more adventurous, should take a look at 13th Floor and Metro, both from Urban Decay. Metro is a dark maroon that works well with this season's plums, and 13th Floor is a deep purple that looks stunning against dark skin. Happy fluttering.

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