Three-minute fix . . . Trainers

Three minutes spent checking your trainers could save you from injury, says physiotherapist Jonathan Hill from Arthritis Research UK. When you run, he explains, "you land on the outside of your heel. Your foot then rolls inwards to be flat on the ground. This rolling motion, called pronation, absorbs the impact caused by running and helps you balance."

Some people's feet, though, roll too far (over-pronation) or not far enough (under-pronation) and there are running shoes suited to both of these styles, which will keep you comfortable and injury-free. Many running shops offer a free gait analysis, which takes just a few minutes. A video will be made of you running for a short period on the treadmill. Afterwards a slow-motion analysis is carried out, and the correct trainers can be recommended.

But you can tell what kind of runner you are in less than three minutes by placing an old pair of shoes on a flat surface – if you over-pronate your shoes will lean inwards (ignore any wear at the outside of the heel, as this is caused by the way you land). If you under-pronate your shoes will lean outwards. And if you have a neutral foot strike, your shoes will show even wear (ie they won't lean).

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