Tim Dowling looks on the bright side with snow and Carla the angelfish

Welcome, my friends, to the New Optimism: stockmarkets surging, VW shares up 400%, ivory markets booming, and it's even snowing. It hasn't snowed in south-east England in October since the mid-70s! Could this be a sign heralding an unprecedented Winter of Content? Is it too early to pretend we've turned the corner?

In terms of uplifting animal news, there has rarely been a tale as heartwarming as that of Carla the angelfish, who lived happily at the London Aquarium for 10 years before developing a life-threatening hernia, which had recently begun to squeeze her organs right out of her. But after a £500, 30-minute operation performed by vet Sue Thornton, Carla's organs are back inside and she's reportedly doing fine. In more ruthless times it might have been hard to justify taking a fish out of water and putting it under the knife unless you were planning to gut it, but there's no doubt that when market confidence takes a knock, a little sentimentality goes a long way. Yes, there may yet come a time when we have to eat all the fish in the London Aquarium, but Carla's story shows us that we're not there yet.

It is quite possible that from here on in things can only get better but, at this delicate stage, negative thinking is more dangerous then negative equity. So stop fearing fear itself and keep your eye on those upward-trending market indices. Don't look at home repossession rates or sterling, by the way. Just sit back and dream about what we're going to do with Jonathan Ross's salary.

Recession-busting tip: Many of autumn's best-loved decorative vegetables are edible, including most types of squash. Before you throw away that harvest display, check the internet for far-out recipe ideas. Be careful though - certain squashes are poisonous, particularly plastic ones.

What's going cheap right now: Plastic luggage, inflatable swimming pools, bricks, mortar.

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