Troublesome eczema symptoms: 10 simple treatment tips

Having eczema myself and having kindly passed it on to my children I have a vested interest in this condition. Nasty flare-ups of eczema are miserable and it can encroach on so many areas of your life. Exhaustion can be a common problem due to the incessant itching overnight.

For many of us, the key to long-term improvement in our skin is emollients, emollients, emollients!

How eczema affects our skin

Our skin is an amazing organ; it acts as a tough waterproof barrier for the rest of the body. In people with eczema the skin is less able to retain moisture. It becomes dry and tiny gaps can then form between the skin cells. This causes the top layer of the skin to stop being such an effective protective barrier, resulting in the skin becoming cracked, irritated or inflamed.

Read on to find out more about eczema treatments and my top tips for dealing with this condition.


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