Troublesome eczema symptoms: 10 simple treatment tips

My 10 top tips for treating eczema with emollients: part one

1.Trial and error

There are loads of different brands of emollient and it is often trial and error to see which suits you or your child best.

2. Brief reaction vs. allergy?

Very occasionally emollients can irritate the skin - but don't let this put you off using them. It is usually a very brief reaction caused by one of the preservatives in the cream and not a true allergy, so try a different brand instead.

3. Don't give up!

Use them! Emollients can be applied multiple times during the day, every day. Applying creams every 2-3 hours isn't unusual for very dry skin. Most children should get through around 250g per week, and adults more.

4. Overnight vs. daytime moisture

The skin looses more moisture overnight so using a greasier product may help keep the skin hydrated until morning.

5. Smooth on, don't rub

Don't overly rub the cream into the skin as this will irritate it. Smooth the cream gently in the direction of the hair, until the skin is slightly tacky.

Read on for tips 6-10.


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