Troublesome eczema symptoms: 10 simple treatment tips

What are the general treatments for eczema?

This explains why the main treatment for eczema is to get as much moisture back into the skin as possible, reversing the dryness and restoring the barrier. The best way to do this is via emollients. In cases of mild eczema, this is often the only treatment needed. Emollients differ from commercial moisturisers in that they don't contain any perfume or other 'extras' such as anti-ageing ingredients.

The 3 different types of emollient

There are three different types of emollient:

1. Lotions

These have high-water content. This makes them easy to spread over the skin, but less moisturising. They are best used on hairy areas of the body.

2. Creams

These have a higher fat content than lotions, so are more moisturising. They are usually oil- based and good for use all over the body, without causing too much 'shine'.

3. Ointments

Ointments have the highest fat content. They are excellent moisturisers but are very greasy so usually not acceptable to people for day-to-day use. They are best used for more severe flare-ups or before bed.

Read on for my 10 top tips for treating eczema with emollients.


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