Uber offer free flu shots today in 16 US cities

Image credit: Uber

Uber will today be offering free flu shots to users in 16 US cities, via their smartphone app.

These vaccine shots are being offered to each user, plus four other people at a requested location for a limited time period only, and will be administered by a registered nurse.

The participating cities/states are: Albany, NY; Baltimore, MD; Boston, MA; Birmingham, AL; Chicago, IL; Columbus, OH; Hartford, CT; Wilmington, DE; Houston, TX; Jacksonville, FL; Manchester, NH; Portland, ME; Providence, RI; Syracuse, NY; Washington, DC.

Announcing the scheme yesterday, the company said: "When you get a flu shot, you're not just keeping yourself healthy. You're helping everyone around you stay healthy, too. Every year, the flu affects 20% of the population - but it doesn't have to. Every person who receives a flu shot reduces the risk of others getting the flu by 50-60%."

Flu vaccine facts

  • The actual flu strain varies from year to year. A new vaccine (often called the flu jab in the UK or the flu shot in the United States) is developed each year to protect against the strain that is most common that year.
  • The flu vaccine will protect seven to eight out of 10 people against infection with flu.
  • It takes up to 14 days for full protection to be reached after having the vaccine and this protection lasts for around one year.

Read more about the flu vaccine and who should be getting it.


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