What are the health benefits of reading?

There's nothing like picking up a good book, magazine, or newspaper and getting lost in the words that cover the pages. Reading is a lifelong skill that has numerous benefits, yet many of us get busy with the routine and tasks of our daily life and often forget to take time to read for pleasure. Creating a habit of reading regularly not only helps keep your mind sharp and focused; it also calms and relaxes your body and soul.

If you have found yourself with less time in your day to devote to reading, it might be a good idea to pick up your favourite book and immerse yourself in the story of the characters that live within the pages. Whether you like fiction or non-fiction, books or magazines, newspapers or electronic readers, finding time to fall back in love with reading is something that can benefit all of us.

It's easy to see how the benefits of reading are far-reaching and people of all ages can reap the rewards of sitting down to a good book.

So in honour of International Literacy Day (8 September), read on to discover 8 reasons why reading is good for us.


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