What are the health benefits of reading?

8 reasons reading is good for us

1.Stress reduction
It seems that no matter how stressful your day is, having the ability to get lost in the stories or immerse yourself in the information and facts of non-fiction, helps to give your mind a break from the many facets of the day. According to this article in The Telegraph: "Reading is the best way to relax and even six minutes can be enough to reduce the stress levels by more than two-thirds, according to new research."

Improve relationships 
Joining a book group or reading the same book with your spouse/partner encourages thoughtful interaction and improved communication.

3. Improve your memory
Reading requires concentration and a sharp ability to absorb and retain information in order to recall at a later time.

4. An improvement in inner peace and tranquility
Along with stress reduction, comes a sense of peace, calmness, and relaxation as you slow your body down and focus your mind on the literature and text of your choice.

5. Mental stimulation 
The brain requires exercise to keep it working, so it's important to keep your brain active and engaged and reading accomplishes just that.

6. It can make you more empathetic 
Reading can increase our emotional intelligence as we become more aware of other people's emotions and perspectives.

7. Can help you develop healthy sleep habits 
Research has shown that turning screens off before bedtime is crucial for a good night rest, while reading a book or magazine can actually help us wind down and relax before we turn out the lights.

8. It might help you live longer 
A recent study by Yale University School of Public Health explored the relationship between reading and longevity and they found that people who read for more than three and a half hours a week were found to have a higher survival advantage.


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