What to do if you're worried about a student one-night stand

Who should I talk to and where to get help?

What if I've had sex with someone else before I knew I had an STI?

You need to tell anyone who is, or was a sexual partner. If left untreated, it's possible for STIs to lead to health complications and the chance of infertility. An STI can also activate an immune response in the genital area, leaving you or a partner possibly susceptible to HIV transmission at a later date. [1] So it's important to take control of the situation early to avoid the spread of infection. If you are sexually active, regardless of age or orientation, be aware of the facts and take precautions to protect yourself and others.

Who can I talk to about it?

The psychological stress of knowing you have an STI and telling a sexual partner is tough. Your GP can refer you to professional services if you're having difficulty coming to terms with the problem. Talking to someone can make a huge difference, so let them help you. You can also get in touch with your university's Student Counselling Service, or just contact them direct.


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