Why we should all go back to school this September to be healthy

Go old-school with your fitness

A recent study suggests that old-school games and workouts, such as hopscotch and skipping, use more muscles than running and walking. Riding a bike, trampolining and even a simple game of catch all help to burn fat.

So, why not go back to school yourself this September? A few minutes of hopscotch sheds 88 calories, while 15 minutes of star-jumps burns 135 calories. Even swapping that five-minute car journey for a 15-minute cycle can see you lose 190 calories. What about taking a brisk walk to school rather than bundling the kids into the car? It's important that children are aware from a young age that exercise should be carried out daily - and this is a great way for the whole family to stay healthy together.

Read on to get the next back-to-basics health tip.


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