Why we should all go back to school this September to be healthy

The wonder of water

Hydration is another lifestyle factor that is important - but regularly neglected. The carbonated drink industry continues to boom, with adults as well as children guzzling sugary and fizzy drinks rather than water. On average, youngsters aged five to eight should drink one to one and a half litres of water every day, while everybody else should aim for two litres. Caffeinated drinks, in particular, should be avoided.Type 2 diabetes,high blood pressure and poor dental health are just some of the risks associated with energy drinks.

With a sugar tax looming, it's clear that the government believes fizzy drinks are having a negative impact on our health. The importance of water should never be underestimated - dehydration, if untreated, can lead to a low level of consciousness, tiredness and fits. Make sure you've always got a bottle of water by your side.

Why wait until the New Year to start eating healthily? With the holidays coming to a close and the pressing need for the population to be healthier, there's no better time to start than this September.






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