World AIDS Day: practical ways to support those affected

How can I help someone diagnosed with HIV?

There is so much that we can do to help someone recently diagnosed.

1. Talk openly to them and listen if they want to talk. It is fine to reassure them that it is a manageable condition, and there are a number of treatments available to enable them to stay healthy.

2. Learn - have a read about HIV. This article is a really good start.

3. Encourage the person to have treatment and to follow the treatment regimes, as early treatment can improve outcomes.

4. Get support as needed, both for the person who has been diagnosed and yourself if you need it.

Remember if you are the sexual partner of someone who has been diagnosed with HIV, you should also get tested so that you know your own HIV status. This is so important to help stop the spread of the infection, and to enable provision of the best possible treatment.


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