A - Z of foods: M is for milk

You might read about so-called "Superfoods", such as chia seeds or seaweed. But the real hero foods are those everyday staples that rarely hit the headlines.

Milk is one of them; a baby's first drink, it contains a range of nutrients for growth and development, yet it's a food that is needed for good health throughout life. And it's natural!

A 200 ml glass of semi-skimmed milk gives you less than 100 kcals, about 7g of high-quality protein, and you get all the vitamin B12 you need just from a glass. What's more, you also get a third of your daily calcium and phosphorous needs, both of which are essential for healthy bones and teeth.

Check out these three ways to enjoy milk:

1. Blitz it. Blend your favourite fruits with a glass of milk for a refreshing smoothie - add some oats or nuts for fibre

2. Saucy stuff. Add low-fat soft cheese and skimmed or semi-skimmed milk to pasta, flavour with herbs and season lightly for an instant creamy cheese sauce.

3. Freeze it. Create your own milk ice lollies by whizzing some milk with fresh strawberries and a touch of honey. Freeze in ice lollipop moulds.

Azmina Govindji is Patient's award-winning resident dietitian. She comes with a background in diabetes, having worked as Chief Dietitian to Diabetes UK from 1987 to 1995. She was a member of the British Dietetic Association (BDA) Executive Council and Chair of the BDA Public Relations Committee from 2001-2004, and is still a renowned BDA spokesperson. But you may be more familiar with her work on TV and radio - she's appeared regularly on This Morning, The Wright Stuff and The One Show. Azmina is also a best-selling author and co-founder of the award-winning RDUK twitter chats.

Azmina is a mum of two and understands the pressures of family life. She runs her own nutrition consultancy at Azmina Nutrition, and offers advice to the food industry, the media, patients, nurseries, and health organisations. In her spare time she loves to entertain friends and travel. Tweet with her on @AzminaNutrition.


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