Bubble tea: key facts to know

Are bubble teas low-calorie drink options?

The calorie content of bubble teas varies depending on the brand and what you have in it, but, as a guide, fruit teas without any boba provide 60 to 100 calories per serving and milk tea equals 200 to 360 calories.

If you were to add a scoop of tapioca boba, it would provide an additional 90 calories. 'Popping' boba equals 60 calories per scoop.

As a result, your bubble tea drink could amount to anything from 60 to 430 calories…! Therefore, it is important to note that they can be quite energy dense and shouldn't be regarded as the equivalent of a tea or coffee with a splash of milk, which equals around 10 calories.

Bubble teas are great fun so should be enjoyed - but for your heath's sake, perhaps not consumed as an everyday drink!


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