Bubble tea: key facts to know

What does bubble tea contain?

The original version was black tea, condensed milk, tapioca pearls and then either honey or a sugar syrup.

Nowadays, we bubble teas are made with a base tea of your choice, which can be anything from black, red, white, green or many others. Your tea of choice is then infused with either a fruit flavouring to make a fruit tea, or milk and other infusions to make a milk tea.

Next, you get to choose from tapioca pearls, or for an added burst of flavour, popping pearls which have a centre packed with extra juicy flavour. Finally, you can select whether you want your bubble tea served hot or cold, making it a beverage suitable all year round!

What are the 'bubbles' made from?

The original pearl, bubble or boba, which don't content a filling, are made from a tapioca starch that is taken from the root of a plant called cassava. Whereas the popping 'boba' are made from a seaweed extract and contain a fruit-flavoured filling.

Read on to find out about the nutritional benefits of bubble tea.


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