Have a wonderful vegan Thanksgiving!

Tips 1 to 3

Tip 1: Label the food items

If you are planning a celebration that includes vegan choices alongside of traditional Thanksgiving dishes, it's important to label the items before they get set on the table. There is no need to have separate tables if planning and organising is done right. Create some fun table tents identifying each dish and use an asterisk to denote if it is vegan.

Tip 2: The main course

Main course ideas can include: Thanksgiving risotto, Thanksgiving meatless loaf, acorn squash filled with stuffing, and vegan tofu turkey. All of these dishes are full of flavour and colours and make for a great alternative to turkey.

Tip 3: Mashed potatoes

This creamy side dish is one that most people look forward to, but it is also loaded with butter and heavy (whipped) cream. You can still enjoy creamy mashed potatoes vegan style by substituting vegan butter and non-dairy milk.


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