Smoothie bowls – what are they?

If you have been on Instagram in the past few months you will have seen smoothie bowls. I know I have wondered about them. They are so elegantly put together, the idea of eating one almost seems like you’re ruining a masterpiece carved by angels. Or at least, someone who is better at making food look beautiful than I am. But the idea of a smoothie bowl really does entice me.

If you haven't seen the latest food phenomenon then let me fill you in. A smoothie bowl is just what you would imagine it to be. It’s a bowl filled with smoothie ingredients but instead of all the ingredients being blended together, only some are. After some ingredients have been blended, you pour that into a large bowl and add the rest of the solid ingredients on top. Think of it like a smoothie mosaic. You can choose to have it at any time, but it seems for most it is a great way to brighten up the morning before a long day ahead. Really it’s up to you what you put in the bowl but some well-loved and admired favourites are avocado, granola, leafy greens, yogurt and lots and lots of fruit. However, unlike a smoothie, it’s best to not add as much liquid. I mean you will be eating this with a spoon or fork so that could prove a little more difficult to eat if it's too runny. Instead, aim for a yoghurt-like texture.

My taste is different to your taste, which is why I think smoothie bowls have taken off. They can appeal to a wide range of tastes: sweet, savoury, bitter or creamy – whatever you fancy. And you can also express yourself in the way you present the smoothie bowl. It has all the goodness of a smoothie, yet all the personality of you. You could even go as far as to paint a picture with the fruit, maybe a nice self-portrait … if you think you can pull off the fruity look.

The bowl is your canvas, so get blending!

The best smoothie bowls in town!

Here is a great video to help you see the steps that go into making a smoothie bowl. What’s up Mom is a YouTube Channel that gives you recipes to get your family to eat healthily, and their smoothie bowl is amazing.


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