Tasty Thanksgiving dinner for two!

Tip 3 to 5

Tip 3: Your table doesn't have to be full of side dishes

We all know that going to eat at a guest's house means an endless number of tasty sides to choose from, but when you are cooking for two, be picky about which ones you choose. Sides like warm Brussels sprout salad, traditional stuffing and mashed potatoes, sweet potato dishes, mini green bean casserole cups, and anything cranberry can be prepared and served in smaller amounts.

Tip 4: What about all of those leftovers?

Before you even start shopping, and cooking for that matter, make sure you have a plan in place for the leftovers. Whether it includes soup, casseroles, or sandwiches for days, take some time to write down all of the ways you plan to use any food that is remaining.

Tip 5: Think small when planning desserts

Often the best part of any meal is at the end when the sweet treats and rich desserts are served. If the idea of an entire pumpkin pie seems too overwhelming for just two, consider smaller versions of this popular confection. Try pumpkin pie cupcakes served with whipped cream and nutmeg, pumpkin pie pudding, pumpkin ice cream with graham crackers and whipped cream, or a rich pumpkin roll.


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