Winter comfort food that isn't bad for you

Snacks - and sweet things!

Away from warm foods, consuming fruits such as guava can also help as a snack as they contain five times more vitamin C than an orange, while they also contain plenty of satiety-aiding fibre.

If you have a sweet tooth, switch your sugary snacks or sweetener in your drink for some honey. It does contain more calories than sugar, but it also has plenty of antioxidants and can help you avoid illness thanks to the antimicrobial properties it contains. You should be careful not to use too much, however.

You could also try using some coconut milk, which has been suggested can help to increase the speed of our metabolism. It can also help us to stay full as it contains fibre, but you do need to check the label before you buy as some brands contain lots of calories.

Allow a little treat now and then

Sometimes though, even with the best intentions it can be difficult to avoid giving in to a craving, and if this happens regularly, it can also lead to an increase in weight. One of the best ways to avoid this is to allow yourself a little treat now and again, and dark chocolate could be the ideal option. Eating it in small amounts is great for solving a craving while ensuring you don't eat too many calories, and it will also provide a boost in antioxidants.




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