5 tips to cope with your child's separation anxiety

Tip 3 to 5

3. Allow them to bring a transition object or item that comforts them

Favourite blankets, stuffed animals, a picture; these are all transition objects that can help children adapt better to new surroundings. They can hold onto these things when feeling anxious.

4. Be consistent and stick to a routine

Kids with separation anxiety crave consistency and being able to anticipate what is coming next. Try to keep the drop-off routine the same each time you do it and tell them ahead of time if something is going to change.

5. Keep your cool

Kids will directly respond to how their parents react in a situation. If you are upset and anxious about the drop off, then guess what, your child will be too. Keep your voice calm, tone low, and words consistent. Show them you love them with a big hug and "I love you" always followed up with "I will see later you when I come to pick you up."


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