7 tips to help your kids survive parent breakup

Tips 1 to 3

1. Talk to your partner

This might be the last thing you want to do but talking calmly can help to get things off to a positive start. You can also take this opportunity to agree together about how you'll tell your children, family and friends that you are breaking up.

2. Get organised

Planning for a divorce or separation is just as important as - if not more than - wedding planning. In the UK, CAFCASS, an organisation representing children in the family courts, offers a free parenting plan to help work out the practical issues of parenting following a separation.

3. Break the news to your children

Letting your kids know that you're separating is never going to be easy. But you can lessen the pain by telling them together, if possible. Go gently. Children often blame themselves, thinking that they've done something to make Mum and Dad stop loving each other. Explain that they are not to blame and that they can talk to you any time.


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