7 tips to help your kids survive parent breakup

Tips 6 and 7

6. Don't badmouth

While it can be tempting and far too easy to resort to criticising your ex-partner in front of the children, this is the worst thing you can do - and is really not in anyone's best interests. Try to keep neutral about your ex when your children are in earshot.

7. Don't try to cope alone

As a parent, you'll be used to shouldering emotional pressure but now it not the time to soldier on alone. Speak to trusted people. Friends or family members may be able to listen and help. Or you may prefer to open up to a counsellor.

While we traditionally see relationship counsellors as people who 'save' marriages, they can also help couples separate in the least painful way possible, if that is the right path for them. You can find relationship counsellors at Relate.


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