Bronchiolitis in babies: key viral symptoms and treatments

Red flag symptoms: when should you see the doctor?

1. If you are worried about your child.

2. If your child seems to be working harder with their breathing or faster breathing or they seem to be getting tired.

3. If your child is taking in less than half of their feeds or if they have had a dry nappy for 12 hours or more

4. If your child's temperature remains persistently high or he or she seem very drowsy

5. If your child has other features that make you concerned or think it is not bronchiolitis, such as a rash, or they are very unwell.

What are the risk factors for getting bronchiolitis?

  • Bottle-fed babies and those that were breastfed for less than two months
  • If the child has older brothers or sisters that attend nursery or school,because they are more likely to come into contact with the virus and spread it
  • Households with parents who smoke
  • In children with this infection, they tend to be more badly affected if they are under two months of age, especially if they were born premature or have other medical problems such as congenital heart disease or chronic lung disease.


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