Button batteries and children - a deadly combination

Tips to prevent accidents from happening

Batteries need to be stored in childproof containers and kept out of reach. Battery compartments for gadgets and toys need to be fully screwed shut and preferably taped as well.

With older toddlers and children, educate them on the dangers of swallowing objects, and that they must tell an adult immediately if it occurs.

After ingestion, in the majority of cases, the battery does not lodge and passes through to the stomach, and the battery can be retrieved or passes on its own with no long-term effects.

The danger occurs in the few cases where the battery gets lodged (more common in children due to a smaller oesophagus). For these children, the consequences can be devastating, life-changing or worse.

Just spend a few minutes today going through your child's toys and household gadget battery compartments checking they are secure and put your loose batteries in childproof containers.

These simple actions really could make all the difference.


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