Cow's milk protein allergy in babies and children: symptoms and treatments

How is CMPA in babies or children treated?

Some children with CMPA will be managed primarily by your GP, particularly if it is a delayed reaction and they are otherwise well. Some children need referral to an allergy specialist who may look at the problem in more detail. They may suggest a food diary, exclusion diet or skin prick tests. Not all of these are needed in every individual.

Once CMPA has been confirmed either by your GP or specialist, you should be offered advice on how to manage your baby or child's allergy. This may include advice from a dietitian on alternatives to cow's milk formulas and how to avoid cow's milk in processed foods. You may also need advice on avoiding foods that contain cow's milk in your own diet if you are breast-feeding.

Finally, please note it is extremely important to seek the advice from a healthcare professional before taking cow's milk out of your baby's diet as it provides so many important nutrients. Some milk substitutes are not suitable for children under the age of five, so please check what is the most suitable option for your child.


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