Cow's milk protein allergy in babies and children: symptoms and treatments

Why lactose intolerance and CMPA aren't the same conditions

Although CMPA and lactose intolerance can cause similar symptoms, they are two completely different conditions and affect the body in different ways:

· CMPA is a food allergy and happens when the immune system overreacts to one or more "proteins" contained in cows' milk.

· Lactose intolerance is the inability to digest the milk sugar which is called lactose. It is a food intolerance which means that the body cannot deal with this nutrient. No allergic reaction takes place. Today, lactose-free milk and dairy products can be bought in most major shops, meaning fewer dietary restrictions.

Please note it is incredibly rare for a baby to have a primary lactose intolerance. They are far more likely to have CMPA. The opposite is true for adults.

Read on to find out about CMPA treatments in babies and children.


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