How to help establish breast-feeding

Nursing tips for new mums

Cluster feeding

Cluster feeding (several feeds in a short space of time) can be tiring, but many believe it is nature's way of forcing you to sit and relax after childbirth, and baby's way of stocking up on food before they settle down for the night. Or at least a longer stretch of sleep than usual if you're lucky!

Gaining confidence

So many pregnant women express anxiety at the thought of feeding in public at a moment's notice, but you are less likely to feel vulnerable now that the laws of the land firmly protect your right to nurse!

There are also plenty of cover-up shawls on the market that allow easy access, yet privacy. Initially when feeding these can be tricky to master so it's worth requesting to use a private room in a doctor's surgery, for example, if you're worried. The act of nursing is actually so quiet and discreet passers-by tend not to notice. Remember your hungry baby is the priority, and however and wherever you want to feed him or her, is your choice.

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