Schizophrenia in teens: spotting signs and managing symptoms

Measures to help a teen with schizophrenia

For teenagers that are in school and living with this condition, appropriate accommodations must be made to ensure maximum success.

Stress seems to be one thing that can worsen situations for teenagers living with schizophrenia, so working with the school to establish routines and "safe" places for the student to go when experiencing an episode is critical.

It's also important to remove stress from the environment so it's helpful to allow the student to have a quiet secluded place to complete assignments and tests.

As with many mental health conditions, schizophrenia cannot be cured; but it can be managed and treated. It's important to remember that all treatments have the same goals - to decrease symptoms and improve functionality, decrease risk of relapse, and promote recovery.

Young adults require a team of physicians or doctors and mental health experts to manage psychiatric medications and provide proper therapeutic care.


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