Summer safety for jet set tots

Many find the prospect of travelling toddlers slightly daunting to say the least. Suddenly, the days when you only had a portable little newborn to contend with seem so easy now your little person is on the move, and more fearless by the minute. But with minimal planning, and noting the nearest chemist, here's how to keep your holiday happy and healthy.

Get an early start

Unless you get the odd lucky lie in, your little one is likely to be raring to explore at the crack of dawn, so get organised first thing with a mini first aid kit. Slather on high factor sun screen before breakfast so it has a chance to sink in and then reapply before sun exposure. Invest in a wetsuit and sun hat with neck protection so little ones have minimal skin uncovered, but remember to reapply cream regularly.

Seek shade

Young children find it harder to control their body temperature than adults, so taking a sun tent to the beach or grass area near the pool keeps them safely near the fun. Get young children into the habit of escaping the sun at its height, by opting for indoor swimming or playtime on a shaded veranda. Cancer Research UK, have warned this summer about skin cancer rates hitting an all - time high for people aged 55 and over, and the need for all ages to prioritise sun protection with hats, t-shirts and sunglasses.

Keep hydrated

As well as encouraging regular sips of water, ensure your toddler is offered plenty of hydrating fruit at mealtimes. A large chunk of your day will be devoted to eating, so practice good hygiene with anti-bacterial wipes and bottled water to hand, and choose carefully to ensure dishes are well cooked.

Water babies

Watching your toddler like a hawk in water and keeping them close is a given. The Royal Life Saving Society UK (RLSS UK), urges parents to be aware of lifeguard cover, layouts of leisure pools and safety standards of child buoyancy aids. It's also wise to check tides at the beach and depths of water when paddling.

Be flexible

Give your toddler the chance to exercise in safe stretches of beach or parkland in the early morning and late afternoon. Reins can also give plenty of freedom yet peace of mind, to stop your toddler being confined to a buggy in busy areas. While your little one may be too excited for naps, the times they do give in to a little recharging is your precious window to unwind and relax in the same way you once took for granted!

A former senior editor on the Daily Express Saturday magazine, Denise Marshall specialises in lifestyle and parenting.


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